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With great power comes great responsibility

Biological Intelligence

Earth formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Life began around 4200 million years back. Primitive primates evolved around 55 million years back. Humans with developed brain capability emerged around 600 thousand years ago. Civilizations formed around 5000 years back. Biological intelligence evolution seems extremely slow however it is still fraction of universal timelines.

Artificial Intelligence

First industrial and manufacturing revolution started around 320 years back. Industrial revolution helped to develop economies and raised living standards. Then information revolution begin with advent of microprocessors and internet within this century. Now the third revolution is being brought through…

HiFive 1 Rev B board from SiFive with RSIC-V CPU

Welcome to the RSIC-V revolution!

There will be 62.4 billion RISC-V processors connecting over 30 billion devices by 2025. Most of these devices will include application specific and custom RISC-V cores. While Personal and Cloud Computation era fueled by Intel, Arm empowering mobile devices and now Internet of Things (IoT) will be driven by RISC-V [1]. IoT based smart devices will be connected to internet, powered by AI and will understand environment through sensors.


RISC-V is an open source Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). Tools, infrastructure and productization of silicon chips is a daunting task. It’s common to have software startups…

Complete guide along with c++ code examples

Heap is a truly elegant data structure discovered by W. Williams and R. W. Floyd. It facilitates many use cases with low computational complexity. Heap handles sequences of data objects by partially ordering its elements.

Per dictionary, heap is a disorderly collection of objects placed haphazardly on top of each other … heap of stones or fruits.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Heap data structure use cases

Heap is used to find solutions in wide variety of problems and it’s one of the most versatile data structure. Following are some of the use cases of heap to develop little bit appreciation before we deep dive into details. Also there are…

Often progress in life unconsciously becomes linear. Once learned a new coding language or algorithm, next aim is to learn another language or more advanced algorithms. But largely using same techniques and tools we can get 2x or x times better. Even most of the times, efforts end up with diminishing returns. Same strategy to master harder challenges does not yield the growth we are expecting.

Extraordinary growth and changes often involves a fundamental ontological or ‘lens’ shift in how we see the world that goes beyond interpretative phenomenology. …

Incoming technologies will be exploring limits of your imagination. These transitions are coming even if you are ready or not. It’s a bigger deal than the internet or mobile. What is so significant about these technologies that we have not seen before? Why shouldn’t we miss these transitions?

We have always been living in transformative age. Biological evolution, political metamorphisms, industrial revolution to the internet. Speed of change increasing exponentially, same time there are many unsolved problems in the world — pollution, global warming, deforestation, overpopulation, water shortage, fossil fuels, waste disposal, space junk, extinction of species, ocean acidification, plastic…

Mahatma Gandhi is venerated and exalted in India as the father of nation, epitome of leadership and nation building. Much is written and studied about his leadership qualities and humanity, however it still feels that there is lot more to learn from the “Mahatma” style of enduring leadership. This post summarizes few leadership lessons learned from the Mahatma that continued to be relevant in today’s world and we all can put to good use in our daily lives. Today’s corporate world’s competitive demands impose relentlessly increasing stringency on performance strategies and requirements for leaders. Learning the lessons from Mahatma can…

World around us is changing more rapidly than ever and the way new opportunities being created are completely different compared to past few years. Exponential organizations, co-creations producing billion dollar startups with almost no capitol. Over next decade, artificial intelligence will make many of jobs and businesses extinct limiting opportunities for value creation per traditional thought processes. Repeating the same things we have been doing so far can no longer take us to the next breakthroughs in our life [1].

Generate 10 new ideas per day — Here are some examples, books I would like to write and self publish…

Shirish Bahirat Ph.D.

Curious to understand reality and even more curious to understand if there is such thing as reality

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